10 reasons to choose the glulam house

10 reasons to choose the glulam house

The EcoHouse group glued laminated timber is an ideal construction material that doesn’t need finishing, is not exposed to deformation, keeps its form and sizes during long period of time. We use pine and spruce of high quality Northern wood species as the raw materials to produce the EcoHouse group glued beams.

Glulam house keeps your health

It is known that many construction materials can cause the allergic reactions, especially among children. But the tree is a natural and environmentally friendly product that does not have a negative effect on the human body, unlike other materials. We use safe adhesive by Akzo Nobel to produce glued laminated timber in EcoHouse Group Company. This adhesive doesn’t contain formaldehydes and conforms to the international standards and requirements. The similar adhesive is used to produce woodenware and children’s furniture. The thickness of a glue seal is only 0,3 mm, therefore the adhesive is inside the beam and doesn’t contact room air. The glulam beam keeps natural air exchange and vapor permeability of wood and that is the reason we can tell our wooden houses «breathe».

You will always feel comfortable in the glulam house

The EcoHouse Group glulam beam has high heat-insulating characteristics. Wooden walls accumulate warm air and evenly allocate it withindoors, keeping the optimum balance of humidity. It is possible to heat such room quickly and easily in winter, and there will never be too hot in summer. Therefore glulam houses are both ideal for permanent residence and for the weekend or holiday stay.

Glulam house saves your money

EcoHouse Group houses have the increased thermal stability. The special cup design blocks air penetration between the curbs and variable pressure cameras makes glulam resistant to wind. This means that the house has minimal heat loss, and, as a result, reduction of heating costs in the winter season.


Glulam house doesn’t harm the ecology

Wood is completely renewable natural resource. In addition, glulam beams production requires 50% less energy consumption, than the concrete production and 80% less, than the brick production, therefore air pollution is very low.

Glulam house is strong

Glulam house durability is higher, than the durability of a full-log house. Wood compression is a result of gluing the graded lamellas under the pressure. That’s why glulam wooden construction of the house is of the correct geometry and the load bearing capacity increases.

Glulam doesn’t need finishing

Glulam beams high esthetic characteristics let almost completely refuse using of finishing materials. Glulam beam is a finished facade material. Glulam beam is universal in a house interior: you can keep the natural wood texture or paint walls any colour.


Glulam house is fast building

Glulam house installation terms are incomparably less than the terms of houses construction by the other technologies. In our company glulam house installation on the ready foundation doesn’t exceed 4-6 weeks.

You can move immediately into the glulam house

Glulam house demands no time for shrinkage (average shrinkage is about 1%). This let us begin finishing works right after installation of supporting construction and erect houses  the whole year round.


Glulam is fire resistant.

Glulam fire resistance is 10 times higher than fire resistance of other wooden housing construction technologies and also metalwork. The metal becomes soft and starts losing the bearing properties by the inflammation. When fire starts the houses built of a gas concrete or, for example, of foam concrete blocks collapse.

The special fireproof impregnations applying on a wood surface, turn it into a flame-resistant material.

Glulam beam is a universal material

Glulam beam can be of any length within 12 meters (the length is limited only by the transportation terms) and let block big bays, planning the room freely. Glulam beams of EcoHouse group Company let to erect objects of the increased complexity configurations.