Each project EcoHouse Group can be executed in the rod several sections. Selecting the timber thickness (its cross section) depends primarily on whether it will be a home for permanent or seasonal residence.

1. House of laminated veneer lumber

160×270 mm beam — the best option for the construction of summer homes. However, it can also be used for building a house for permanent residence. In this case, the choice of timber is determined by customer requirements and climatic conditions of the region where the house will be built.

For permanent residence in cold climates we recommend the use of laminated veneer lumber 200 mm.


EcoHouse Group uses a connection factory walls «cut through in the cup.»

1. Zero clearance to minimize heat loss.

2. Special cup design designed specifically for EcoHouse Group Finnish engineers design Makron Bureau.

3. The structural member of the Zone elastic deformation allows the wood to restore its volume at the contact elements of the cup. The resulting variable pressure chamber formed between the captain mechanism: getting out of the chamber into the chamber, the wind from the street as a result of waning and stop, and without getting into the house. Together, these elements provide a high integrity of the castle compound, almost completely eliminating cup.

2. Walls, who cherish energy

For the external market EcoHouse Group offers energy-efficient houses with additional insulation, the heat requirements of the relevant European economy.

The walls of the house is a multi-layer structure with bearing elements of laminated veneer lumber. Thus insulation structure may be located in both the outer and inner side with your home. Located inside the home insulation layer makes it possible to carry out engineering networks and electricity in place, and also facilitates the combined interior trim home — simulator timber from natural wood, you can replace the finishing plaster, wallpaper or other facing materials.