Wood of the Karelian forest

Wood is the oldest material used for house construction, which has no equal in functional and aesthetic properties.  Endurance and durability of your future home largely depends on the type and quality of wood the lumber is made of. We use high quality pine and spruce of the Karelian forest — a symbol of endurance and durability, to create EcoHouse Group laminated veneer lumber.

Karelian forest for many centuries has been famous for its healing properties: it shares its energy with people, relieves stress and fatigue. Laminated veneer lumber walls, based on Karelian pine, preserve this amazing property. Wood is a natural material; it has excellent air and gas permeability, high heat capacity. Air exchange is constantly happening inside lumber, which assures that there is always a healthy microclimate inside your laminated veneer lumber house.

The quality of wood largely depends on the region the tree came from — namely, Karelian pine and spruce possess the best physical and mechanical properties, being the most solid and durable out of softwood. This is due to the special natural conditions of the region: winters are long and cold, while summers are short and dry. Having grown in a dry stony ground, Karelian pine is the best construction material: the distance between the annual rings is minimal (about 2mm), thus the wood is more sturdy and durable, has a high heat capacity and a low shrinkage percentage, resistant to cracking. Karelian pine wood density is one and a half times higher than that of a pine from any other region of the European continent. Pines of Central Russia are more friable and the annual rings are thicker (up to 10mm) due to different climate conditions and soil composition, therefore it is rather inferior to the Karelian pine based on all of main qualities.

From time immemorial, Karelian pines have been used to create ship masts, churches and houses. Karelian wood was used in making of ship masts for the ships of the Russian Navy in the days of Peter the Great. An example of durability, the church of Saint John Evangelist in Yaroslavl oblast, was built with Karelian pine wood more than 300 years ago.


Pine or spruce: what to choose for house construction?

EcoHouse Group uses Karelian pine and spruce in creating laminated veneer lumber. Lasting qualities of these two types of wood are very similar: initially soft spruce is as durable as pine once it’s dried. Both types are highly resistant to rotting due to containing high levels of resin.

After going through all of the processing stages, the difference between laminated veneer lumber from pine and from spruce is mostly visual. Therefore we recommend making a choice based on aesthetic preference. Sprucewood is lighter, almost white; and while spruce is more knotty, the knots are very small and non-contrasting. Pinewood has lower knot density but is more yellow in color; its knots are of pretty cognac shade. Such walls will look better with natural toning and spruce lumber is best for light color painting.