Does the price include foundation cost, as well as installation?

Prices on the website cover only the home building kit in selected configuration, excluding the cost of work.

The cost of construction and installation work may vary depending on a region, we do not provide pricing on our website. However, you can find out the cost of major works for any of our standard designs by contacting a sales manager in your region.

As for other types of work, such as hooking up to utilities and interior decoration, the exact cost of services can be provided only if there is a working draft or detailed TOR as the cost may vary greatly depending on the equipment and materials used.

Can I buy a home kit from you and build it myself?

You can both order a full range of construction works, or only the home kit without any services. In this case, we recommend that you carefully consider your choice of construction crew and trust only professionals experienced in similar work.

Can I make changes to a standard project?

You can make changes to any of our ready-made designs. If the amount and nature of these changes is insignificant, we will do it for you at no extra cost.

Is it possible to exclude or add items to your standard configurations?

Our configurations are created to help you estimate the cost based on volume of shipment. As per your personal requirements, you may either exclude or include, add or replace desired items from the shipment. If you wish to expand your configuration, our manager will provide you with a form where you can pick the items you need, as well as choose the manufacturer/model/color.

Is it possible to buy a home design plan only?

You can purchase a set of construction documents for any of our standard projects. You can also order an individual project based on your own TOR from our Bureau of Architecture and Design. The cost of construction documentation is the same in both cases and amounts to 300 rubles per square meter.

Do you build turnkey houses?

Yes, we offer our customers a full range of services, including interior design, decorating and landscaping. The cost of a turnkey house is based on customer’s choice of equipment and materials. Cost calculation for these types of work can be performed by your manager once we receive your TOR.

What is the preferred thickness of a lumber beam for year-round living?

We recommend using laminated veneer lumber with a cross section of 200 by 270mm for permanent residence in cold climate. Your central heating expenses during winter will largely depend on the thickness of your walls. To learn more about choosing lumber beam’s cross section, see “How to choose cross section of a lumber beam”.

Do you build houses utilizing mixed technologies?

Despite the fact that most of our standard designs are carried out in laminated veneer lumber, we have extensive experience in the development and construction of houses both in the mixed (glulam + concrete/stone/frame), as well as in framing. You can order a custom house design using mixed technology or learn the cost of implementing your project with our company.

How many years of living in is your laminated veneer lumber house good for?

Assuming permanent residence and regular maintenance, a laminated veneer lumber house is good for 100 or more years of service. If only using the house during summertime, period of service might be reduced approximately in half.