How to choose cross section of a lumber beam

Each EcoHouse Group project can be produced in a glulam beam of several sections. The thickness choice of a glued bar (its section) depends first of all on the following facts: will it be the permanent residence or will it be a house for summer accommodation.


The best timber section size for building a summer house is 160*270 mm. The house made of such kind of glued beam will serve you many years, meeting all requirements of summer accommodation. Fast heating of the house will be a side benefit in the choice of glulam beams as the building material. When during a cold season you come for the weekend, or you come back to the house after a winter season – in few hours you can enjoy a comfort of the warm house while a brick house will be heating not less than one day.

The glued beam 160*270 mm can also be used in house construction for permanent residence; in this case the choice of a beam size is defined by requirements of the customer and climatic conditions of the region where the house will be built.

For the permanent residence in the cold climate conditions we recommend to use a glued beam of 210 mm thickness and higher. The glued beam of 200*270 mm size is the best for the winter season accommodation.

We also offer houses made glued beam 240*270 mm thick – the house made of such material will cost more expensive, but in the future this will let its owner save money on heating as it possesses smaller thermal conductivity.